Almost November

by MOAM Industries

It has been a big year for MOAM Industries, so much has happened already.

B.E.T.R – Biometric Employee Time Reporter

The most significant development has been a large research and development project with a local civil contractor. We have been developing a portable biometric clock system with a GPRS TCP/IP link to a central database. This project has understandably drawn a lot of our time and focus unfortunately to the detriment to some of our other projects.

However we will be adding some new products to our store at the completion of the project. Most notably some great quality Biometric fingerprint scanners, they are more expensive than the scanners sold by other companies however they have some great features and even better performance. They stat up quick, can store hundreds of different peoples fingerprints with up to ten fingers registered for each user. We are even able to transfer encrytped fingerprints from device to device which makes them great for distributed access and control. Not to mention their inbuilt IO for interfacing with door strikes and duress alarms.

West Coast Makers

A Hacker/Maker space growing here in Western Australia. Close to celebrating it’s first birthday this great group of people have really been developing themselves into a serious organisation over the year. Operating in a small borrowed space and recently incorporating officially, forming a not for profit organisation which will help promote STEM throughout the state. We have really enjoyed being involved with the group, showing of our projects, sharing our knowledge and hosting meetups in our workshop.

A Lab to call our own

Together with Van Dam Industries we have moved into a proper workspace. It is probably the only combination machine shop and engineering laboratory in the state and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Ā Based in Welshpool it is a 250sqm warehouse space that we have now filled with 2 mills, 2 lathes a well setup welding bay and assembly area. One whole section is a sealed off R&D lab which keeps out some of the dust and not enough of the noise where we can now spread out and develop with style.