3D printers helping the disabled

by MOAM Industries

To use the old cliche’ “we live in exciting times” as more and more tools become available in the fields of small scale manufacture and rapid prototyping it is a certainty that we will hear of more stories like this

Whilst the work done here with Emma could be done with traditional matterial removal manufacturing techniques like we use with Van Dam industries the time from inception to completion can be much longer. Whilst Ron is a fast machinist with almost 40 years of manufacturing and prototyping experience the more traditional tools he uses such as mills and lathes are labour intensive to use not to mention the years of training and skill required to operate them. Rapid prototyping is helping get the parts Emma needs much quicker and cheaper as once the parts are scaled and designed in a CAD environment the 3D printer can take over the manufacturing tasks automatically. The real beauty of this idea is the access less developed companies have to this equipment, theoretically a Rep-Rap could print the majority of the parts Emma needs, exluding the jacket, very economically.